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Drywall Texture Application

construction worker doing drywall texture application

There are actually a variety of very effective ways that drywall texture can be applied. Of course, when someone hires us to do this type of job what we like to do is let them know what options are available for them. Our guys have been applying texture to walls and ceilings for a very long time and they certainly know exactly what they are doing. Even though you are able to obtain similar results from most methods we do have our preferred methods. This could actually change though depending on the scenario that we are looking at.

Spraying Texture Onto Walls

We want to start with this method because it is something that is becoming increasingly popular. You can find these at your home improvement store with your drywall repair kit and using it is going to be super easy. At least that is what the companies that sell it want you to believe. This way to apply texture works with smaller areas. For example, if you are just going to patch up the wall and you want to keep the texture that you have on the rest of the wall you can use this. It is usually not a good option when you are dealing with a full wall.

Applying Texture With Normal Painting Tools

This is one of our favorite ways to apply texture to walls. All that you are going to need is to have a paint roller that has a specific pattern already carved into it. What we are going to be doing is applying that new coating of paint with that roller. This is one of the best ways to get texture on a wall because you are going to have more control over what you are doing. Something that as we mentioned is not easy to obtain with other methods.

Applying Texture To Ceilings  

If you have read through our popcorn ceiling page you know already that this is something that is going to be a real possibility. There are a variety of ways that we are going to be able to do this. Usually what we are going to want to do is use the roller method to get this done. The problem with the spray option for ceilings is that if you don’t spray a certain area quite right you are going to end up with a variation of a popcorn ceiling. Which is what a lot of people are trying to avoid these days.

Are There Other Types of Methods That You Would Consider?

Certainly, we know that there are different types of methods that can be used to add texture to wall ceilings and even other areas. These are the two methods that we tend to use. One because it is quick and easy and the other because we are going to be able to keep a lot of control. Can we do it with the same tools that we use to mix the joint compound? Yes, that is a possibility.