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Drywall Repair

construction workers doing drywall installation

There are different issues that could come to light that will end up with you needing to have your drywall repaired. Different issues are going to require different levels of repair. In some cases, we are just going to be able to come in set up a patch, repaint and head out. In other situations, we are going to have to spot the actual problem and maybe even tear down more parts of the wall before we are going to be able to build up. This is just part of the process. The problem though is that not everyone will go into so much detail.

What Is The Problem That You Have?

A lot of times it is easy to trace the problem. You were moving furniture you hit the wall and now there is a big hole. There is really not much more to it than that. These things happen. All that we would have to do is put in a new piece of drywall in the hole sand, repaint, and add any texture that the wall may have had. If the wall just out of nowhere is falling apart then usually we are going to be dealing with a moisture problem. In these cases just patching up is usually going to mask the problem, but it will end up returning.

Does Old Drywall Need To Be Repaired?   

One of the questions that a lot of people have goes along the lines of just being able to repaint or needing repairs. When do you know when you can just repaint? If there are no moisture spots, holes in the wall or any bumps and bruises if you will you could just potentially repaint. Now, if you are worried about the age of the structure just based on that repairs are not the answer. Maybe tearing down and starting over could work.

Is There A Difference Between A Repair & A Replacement?

Technically yes, usually though we would have to be talking about a house that is just falling apart for us to recommend that we should just tear everything down and start back up. If we would have to do some extensive patching to an area to the point where we don’t trust the framework to hold up even that could come into play. At the end of the day though these are not typical situations. Unless you want to go ahead and replace the wall for some reason.

How Often Will A House Typically Need Them? 

To be honest, ideally, a house won’t need virtually any type of repair. The problem is that if you have moisture issues you are going to need a repair sooner or later. If you hit the wall really hard while moving furniture or something like that then you are also going to need some help. Sure, there could be certain sings of like the natural wear and tear. Usually, though they would be accompanied by moisture issues or another type of problem.